The Disc Golf Association (DGA) was formed by “Steady” Ed Headrick back in 1976. “Steady” Ed, is also famous for coining the term “Disc Golf” (as there were trademark issues with Wham-o over the use of the word “Frisbee”). Today, the DGA still is a top producer of discs, baskets and accessories, and will always be a cornerstone to the development of the sport.

DGA Torrent

Distance Drivers

DGA offers 4 distance drivers all slightly understable. They include Rogue, Hurricane, Sail, Torrent.

DGA Undertow

Fairway Drivers

DGA offers 3 Fairway Drivers. Discs include Hellfire, Undertow, and Tsunami.

DGA Squall

Mid-Range Drivers

DGA offers 3 discs in the Mid-Range Driver category. The discs include the Aftershock, Shockwave, and Squall.

DGA Zone

Putt & Approach

DGA offers 6 different putt and approach discs in a variety of plastic. Discs range in a variety of plastics including their Signature Line. Discs are Blowfly, Breaker, Gumbputt, Reef, Steady, and Titanic.

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