Discraft uses a stability rating that is unique to Discraft, but it is basically a “turn” rating of stability — overstable (+3,+2,+1), stable (0), understable (-1,-2,-3). They also add in decimal points to their stability ratings which is a little different from the other manufacturers. All disc manufacturers have their own unique numbers, so often times a speed rating of 10 from one company, doesn’t necessarily match a speed rating of 10 from another company.

Discraft Nuke - Distance Drivers

Distance Drivers

Discraft offers a huge line and variety of distance drivers with a wide range of stability including the Avenger, Crank, Crush, Flash, Force, Flick, Heat, Mantis, Nuke, Pulse, Spectra, Surge, Undertaker, XL, and XS.

Discraft Predator - Fairway Drivers

Fairway Drivers

Discraft offers 9 discs in the Midrange Driver category. The discs include the Buzzz, Buzzz OS, Buzzz SS, Comet, Meteor, Hawk, Hornet, Wasp, and Drone.

Discraft Meteor - Mid-Range Drivers

Mid-Range Drivers

Discraft Magnet

Putt & Approach

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