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About the Latitude 64° ProBasket

The Latitude 64° ProBasket Elite is a professional-grade disc golf basket built for tournament play. It is part of the Elite ProBasket series, known for its exceptional quality and performance.

Designed to withstand tough conditions, the ProBasket Elite features a double chain set with 14 inner and 14 outer chains. This configuration increases the chances of discs sticking to the chains and reduces spit outs. The basket also includes a highly visible 4″ tall yellow deflector band for improved visibility in any weather. With its galvanized steel construction and powder coat finish, the ProBasket Elite is durable and meets Championship PDGA standards.

Assembly is made easy with welded nuts and tension screws for added stability. The basket stands at a total height of 138 cm and offers customization options with various top and ground attachments. Optional accessories like a mobile foot, earth foot, stone mounting foot, top adapter, number plate, and flag holder are available to enhance functionality.

Weighing 28 kg (excluding the foot), the ProBasket Elite is a reliable choice for professional disc golf players.

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