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Flight Types

Flight Number Ranges

By Speed
0 โ€” 15
By Speed
0 โ€” 15
By Glide
0 โ€” 6
By Glide
0 โ€” 6
By Fade
0 โ€” 5
By Fade
0 โ€” 5


Search and compare discs. An easy way to compare discs from different manufacturers and different flight types. Filter discs by flight type (distance, fairway, mid range, and putt and approach), flight numbers (speed, glide, turn, fade), and by brand. Discs will load in the chart below.

Here are some example searches:

  • Compare distance drivers from Innova, Discraft and MVP.
  • Find drivers with a -4 turn and at least a 9 speed.
  • Find mid range discs with a 0 fade rating.
  • All discs with a 12 speed.

When you find a disc that you want more details about, click details for YouTube reviews, descriptions about the discs flight characteristics, more related discs, and some easy links to purchase. Use the breadcrumb at the top of each page to back up to that flight type, manufacturer, of back the disc finder here. Enjoy!

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Disc Flight Numbers


Speed indicates how fast or slow the disc flies, and how much power is needed to perform it's designed flight path.


Glide is a measure of loft. Discs with high glide rating will maintain more time in the air, maximizing the distance of your throw.


Turn describes how much a disc will flip, or rotate opposite the direction of the fade in the early part of the flight. The more negative turn the more the disc will "flip."


Fade describes the end of flight path the disc takes as it descends. High fading discs will finish at a sharper angle then low fading (straighter finish).