Innova is the most popular disc golf disc producer in the world. Formed in 1983, Innova today features a robust portfolio of discs, accessories, and world champions.

Innova Boss

Distance Drivers

Innova offers a huge line and variety of distance drivers with a wide range of stability including the Colossus, Ape, Boss, Dominator, Groove, Katana, Daedalus, Vulcan, Xcaliber, Destroyer, Teedevil, Tern, Wahoo, Wraith, Krait, Archon, Mamba, Starfire, Orc, Beast, Monarch, Firebird, Thunderbird, Viking, Valkyrie, Sidewinder, Roadrunner.

Innova Boss

Fairway Drivers

Innova offers 12 discs in their Fairway Driver portfolio. Discs include Archangel, Banshee, Cheetah, Dragon, Eagle, Leopard, Leopard3, Teebird, Teebird3, TL, TL3, Viper.

Innova Roc - white KC Pro

Mid-Range Drivers

Innova offers 17 discs in the Midrange Driver category. The discs include the Atlas, Cobra, Gator, Kite, Mako, Mako3, Panther, Roc, Roc3, Shark, Shark3, Skeeter, Spider, Stingray, VRoc, Wolf, Wombat.

Innova aviar

Putt & Approach

Innova offers 16 different putt and approach discs in a variety of plastic. Discs include Aviar, Birdie, Classic Aviar, Colt, Dart, Hydra, KC Aviar, Mirage, Nova, Pig, Polecat, Rhyno, Stud, Wedge, Whale, and the Yeti Aviar.

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