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getting started with disc golf-a beginners guide to disc golf

Getting Started With Disc Golf: A Beginners Guide

July 3, 2020
Disc golf is great way to get out in nature, get your steps in and heart up, meet new people, and the sport is growing like crazy! I’m constantly running into new players every time I hit the course, from all walks of life. If you’re just starting out and want to improve your game, […]
phone on disc golf disc inside of disc golf basket with chains reflection in phone face

2 Great Apps for Disc Golfers

June 13, 2020
Here are two great apps for disc golfers. UDisc If you hit up courses and haven’t discovered UDisc, you are missing out. UDisc is a digital scorecard, and so much more. With it’s extensive directory of courses and maps, it will show you to you next hole, help you keep track handicaps, and allow you […]

Choosing The Right Disc Golf Bag

May 27, 2020
Last week, my arms while getting a great workout, were getting tired of carrying around my ten year old, half broken, Innova bag that I cram way too many discs into. I wouldn’t mind it, but it started to affect my game a bit. It’s a great little square bag that I’d take out over […]
Hyzer Flip

How To Throw The Hyzer Flip

July 21, 2016
Disc golf terms seem to be many and there are lots of new concepts take some getting used to. The hyzer flip is one of those terms beginners have a hard time grasping and the definitions are wide ranging and so are the explanations. Learning how to throw the hyzer flip is a great addition […]
Colorful disc golf discs in bag

Build Your Disc Golf Bag

July 12, 2016
How to select the discs that go in your bag Build your disc golf bag. It’s something that you will be doing throughout your disc golf days. Here are some ways to build your bag. With so many discs out on the market, each available in unique plastics, you can really spend a long time […]
Disc golf putting drill

Putting Drill: 9 and 15

July 8, 2016
“Drive for Show, Putt for Dough” If you’re looking to improve your disc golf game, then start with this putting drill I call “9 & 15.” Putting is the most important and easiest place to start working on fundamentals. I’ve recently started heading to the practice basket and putting for a hour, and I’ve seen […]

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A growing disc golf catalog with a disc golf blog with tips and more! I’ve added all the discs from DiscraftDGA, and Innova to the disc library, and I’m currently working on MVP discs.

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