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Disc Golf Gifts – The Ultimate Guide

(Updated: November 25th, 2023)

Disc golfers are a discerning bunch, and they know what they want when it comes to disc golf gear. So, if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for a disc golfer, you might need some help. Whether you’re shopping for a beginner disc golfer or someone who’s been playing for years, there’s something on this list for everyone. Here are some of our picks!

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If they're just starting out...

Starter Kits

A beginner disc set include discs that are ideal for beginners and players just getting started with the sport. They typically including between 3-5 discs including drivers, mid-range discs and putters; some will even come with a bag. This is a great gift for kids too, but just note that they make starter sets in lighter weights that are perfect for kids. Here are a few good ones that we like:
  • Prodigy Set – Prodigy is a well known disc golf disc company based out of Texas. They have durable, well made discs and come with a bag. They also have LIGHT WEIGHT OPTIONS which are GREAT FOR KIDS AND BEGINNERS (140g-149g, kids; 150g-159g – early teens & youth; 170g-175g; stronger arms & adults).
  • MVP Starter Set – MVP is one of disc golf’s newer disc brands, but has become widely popular (Especially after the Greatest Shot in Disc Golf History by James Conrad – be sure to mention this after they open the gift!). MVP’s discs are unique and well made,. Unlike the sets above, these are more likely to be loved for years; even as they buy more and explore other discs. Starts at $36.95.
  • Innova Starter Sets – Innova is a wildly popular disc disc golf brand. Known for the discs named after animals, Innova has made quality discs since the early 80’s. They offer a variety of options in quantities (sets of 3, 5) and qualities (DX – baseline plastic; GStar – more durable). Sets start at $24.99.
  • Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Starter Set – Great set of discs. Perfect for someone that is going to get into the game. Dynamic Discs is a top industry brand and has a lot of recognition among players in the sport. The sets are available in 3-7 disc combinations, starting at a very reasonable priced $24.99.
  • Latitude 64 Starter Set – Another well recognized brand, Latitude 64 discs are thrown by many, and are featured in the popular Disc Golf Valley game. Priced at $29.99. Also available in a set of 5 discs for $49.99.
  • Discraft Starter Pack – Discraft is another industry leading disc golf company. Similar disc set to the other two, Discraft discs are a great quality disc that beginners can use and grow with. It’s a great way to get someone started in the sport, and it’s priced at just $24.99.


If they already have a starter set...

Disc Golf Bags

You can only play out of a shopping bag for so long before a nice disc golf bag starts to make sense. There are a lot of options here, but the number one thing you should think about is how many discs they have and/or plan to have. Some disc golfers like to carry 20+ discs with them while new and casual player will only carry 3-10.


If they already have a bag and some discs...

More Discs!

If there’s one thing that 90% of discs golfers like it’s, more discs, however buying a new disc for someone can be tricky. If they’re an established disc golfer, they’ll likely want something in particular so you could ask them what disc they want, or go off of their disc collection. Ask them what they throw (brand or disc names). If you want to be sneaky and surprise them, you could check the discs in their bag and see what discs they throw, then do a search for “Limited Edition” (aka “LE”), or “Special Edition” (aka “SE”), of that disc.

In addition to special editions of their favorite discs, you can also look up “Glow” and “custom dye” versions of their favorite discs. You really can’t go wrong here and there are great custom dyed discs (Etsy / eBay are good resources)!

If they throw one type of putter, it’s always nice to have a set of two new putters. Just make sure they’re in the same mold & color as what’s in their bag. Not all putter are created equal (a P2 flies different than say an Aviar).

Finding the right disc can be tricky, but then there is alway the latest released and most popular discs. People love being able to try out and show off the latest popular releases. You may pay a premium, but these can be a fun surprise! For 2022, some of the most popular discs have been:

Or try a rare disc like an EPIC!


If more discs isn't the answer...

Disc Golf Baskets

A disc golf basket is a great way to go! Most disc golf baskets are portable, so disc golfers can set it up and practice on their own, or bring it to the course. They are available in a variety of sizes, qualities, and prices and disc golfers of any skill level will appreciate this gift. Some of our top picks include:
  • MVP Black Hole – This disc golf basket is a highly rated disc golf basket on Amazon and has tons of great reviews from disc golfers. I have it in my backyard. It’s priced at just $169.99.
  • Dynamic Discs Scout – The Scout is a collapsible disc golf basket making it great for disc golfers that are on the go. I have this one in my office. It’s priced at just $174.99.
  • DGA Mach 2 – If you don’t mind spending a little more cash to get something more pro, then look no further than the Mach 2. This is a well recognized basket that will live a long time in your backyard. It’s priced around $360 – $255.
Dynamic Discs Marksman basket
Dynamic Discs Marksman
  • Dynamic Discs Marksman – A great gift for any disc golfer looking to improve their putting game, this high quality Marksman basket has a smaller chain diameter to help you train for more accuracy with your putting. Also makes for fun backyard games with friends! A great addition for $225 (currently on sale at $129.99 at the time of this writing!).


Here's some other great gift ideas...

Disc Golf Accessories & More Gift Ideas

There’s a wide range of disc golf accessories and fun things that you might consider. Here’s a great list of things that any disc golfer can use and would enjoy!

Whale Sac Whale Sac A grip bag made designed to dry wet/sweaty hands. Female owned (disc golfer) company! They also donate to Save The Whales.

TOSY LED Frisbee – This light up frisbee has been a hit out at glow rounds lately. It’s seemless design feels great in the hand for throws and catching, and the disc features 16 million colors!

Pro Chem Disc Dyes – If they’re the crafty type, they may want to try their hand at dying discs! Pro Chem makes the best stuff and have a sample pack of dyes and a larger starter set. They’ll need some other materials, but you can share our materials list and walkthrough.

Water Bottle – A golfers need hydration too! These are always a great idea, just make sure it fits in their bag. I’m a big fan of Hydroflask and Kleen Kanteen.

Pro Pull – The Pro Pull is a resistance band training tool. It’s designed to help you increase your strength and form. Great for those looking for more distance and accuracy in their drives.

JBL Flip 4
JBL Flip 4

Bluetooth Speaker – For casual rounds a bluetooth speaker is a great addition so that you can share some tunes with your card mates out on the course. Some even can link to others for total surround-experience!

    • The JBL Clip is popular, but we don’t love it because of the power button sometimes turns off accidently – making it not great for a backpack.
    • Bushnell makes a purpose-build speaker that will pair with their specific range finder to announce distance (kinda cool).
    • Our pick is the JBL Flip – Small, round, packed with sound, and lots of great designs to choose from. Fit’s nicely in a water bottle holder and sounds great.

Resistance bands – Not as exciting, but practical and healthy! Resistance bands are great for warming up, and they help prevent injuries.

Hand Warmers – Nothing like trying to grip and rip with icicles for fingers. Whether they’re rechargeable or disposable, hand warmers are great to have handy!

Flight Towel
Flight Towel

Flight Towel – The Flight Towel is not just a great towel, it’s also a fantastic tool to help you warm up and practice your “snap.” Available in many pretty colors (and disc molds), disc golfers will love this gift!

Games (Disc Dice / Ript) – There are are few on the course games that disc golfers tend to enjoy. Check out Niced Nation Disc Golf Frenzy (website / Amazon), DiscDice, and Ript! Both are fun and affordable gifts! 

Mystery Box – A “Mystery box” is a super fun and exciting gift to open. There are a lot of different people selling them. The are filled with fun discs and accessories. Discmania probably makes the most coveted mystery box, but there are some other great options out there just do some Google searches or try these links:

MVP Pod – On the more expensive side. This is a practice putter stand. This is a great gift if the person is serious about their disc golf. The Pod makes it easy to grab / hold discs without needing to bend repetitively to pick one up from a chair or the ground. Unnecessary, maybe; Cool, absolutely!!

Kevin Klein Disc Golf Punk NFT
Disc Golf Punks (NFT)

Disc Golf NFTs – Okay, ready to think way outside the box? Are they real or a scam? We have no idea, but there are some interesting disc golf NFT projects out there. Have an favorite pro disc golfer? Maybe one of these Disc Golf Punks will do!


There’s a little something for everyone on this gift list. Ultimately, if the person you’re shopping for is a big “frisbee golf” fan, acknowledging their love of the game with one of these items is going to be much better than a gift card. Happy hunting!


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  1. I wanted to know where can I get some old style discs like stingrays, sharks, xd, vipers, aeros, most of all a gumbputt

    1. Hi Donald, Your best bet might be eBay, but if you’re looking for some specific Innova discs there are a few Facebook groups worth checking out. One is “INNOVA ONLY BUY/SELL/TRADE.” Good luck.

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