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About the Discmania Tilt

The new Discraft Evolution Tilt is an extremely flat top overstable fairway driver. It was originally released February of 2021 in the Simon Lizotte Mystery Box (now sold out). As Simon Lizotte says, you can throw shots with this disc that no other disc will allow. This disc will open up a backhand grenade, or try an upside down shaped shot.

The first stock run came out Summer 2021 (July 27th, 2021). There are a few of them available on Ebay for a premium price. It's going to be hard to find these until Discmania releases a stock run, but with Discmania's new production capabilities, it's just a matter of time.

Good alternatives to the Tilt are the Discmania Splice and Innova Monster.

Casey White Tilt Shot

Simon Lizotte talks Tilt, Vlogmas, his elbow injury | SHOWMEZ | S2 E3

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