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dynamic discs convict

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About the Dynamic Discs Convict

The Dynamic Discs Convict will allow any player with good control and arm speed see a straight flight for most of its path followed by a late gentle fade at the end. This versatile stable-to-understable fairway driver can be thrown in all conditions including calm rounds where precision is needed just as easily as windy days where power and distance are required. It’s your go-to disc for consistency whether throwing forehand or backhand shots on wooded courses, open fields, or even narrow gaps off the tee box.

Discs With Similar Flight Numbers:

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: -0.5
  • Fade: 3

Available Plastics:

  • Lucid X
  • Fuzion
  • Lucid Metallic

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