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“Every single season I set a goal. . . it’s usually two goals. It’s something very serious and something funny, something stupid.”

– Shaun White
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DGA Blowfly

Quick Dry Jersey

Look good and feel comfortable while banging chains. Men’s & Women’s styles available

About the DGA Blowfly I & II

The DGA Blowfly I is made in extremely flexible plastic DGA calls its Signature Line. It is designed to be tough and for extreme grip, but you can also taco the disc and have it reform to its original shape. It’s a sticky plastic that won’t stray too far if you miss, plus it floats.

The DGA Blowfly II is also made in Signature Line plastic, but it does not float. It is more of an approach disc with just a hint of more speed.

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Signature Line

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DGA Blowfly I & II