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About the Discraft Athena

The Discraft Athena is a new (2022) neutral fairway driver and will be the 6th disc in Paul McBeth's signature lineup. According to McBeth, it's a similar to the Anax, but a little slower. Based what McBeth says in the release video of the Athena, it sounds like the Athena will be a neutral fairway driver. We're guessing that the numbers will be similar to an Innova Thunderbird or Teebird 3 - both of which flight types are missing from the Discraft lineup.

The Athena has also officially been announced also with a stability rating of 1.7.

Release Date: Today, September 23rd at 3pm EST

Not 100% sure if they will be available on Amazon at that time, may just be Discraft's website. I'll monitor and try and put a link to the Athena product page as soon as it becomes available.

Update (12:30pm PST): Discraft's website crashed hard (predictably). Looks like they are reverting from a backup, but the Athena is still missing from the site. Stay tuned. 

Update (1:00pm PST): Discraft will be moving the drop to 8pm EST on

Update (7:00pm PST): Looks like they're sold out. 

Discs With Similar Flight Numbers:

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 7
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2

Available Plastics:

  • ESP
  • Proto

Quote From Our Mindset Blog

“I was prepared with a lot of towels. I think that’s the #1 thing in the rain is you running out of towels…Making sure I have dry hands and dry discs that allows me to do well. I think that’s why I play so well in the rain.”

– Ricky Wysocki (after winning 2022 Discraft’s GMC)


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