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2 Great Apps for Disc Golfers

Here are two great apps for disc golfers.

UDisc udisc logo

If you hit up courses and haven’t discovered UDisc, you are missing out. UDisc is a digital scorecard, and so much more. With it’s extensive directory of courses and maps, it will show you to you next hole, help you keep track handicaps, and allow you to link up your PDGA #. It’s has been a great addition to my game, and I love to be able to keep track of my improvement on the course. While you still need to keep track of your discs, at least you won’t get lost finding your next basket!

“A Free UDisc Pro 1 month trial is included with the app.
A yearly subscription is just $5, less than half the cost of a disc.”

Udisc is well worth the small cost!

Perfect Putt 360 perfect putt 360 logo

Perfect Putt 360 is great if you have a basket at home, but it’s also great to use on a practice basket at the course. The putting app is great for building a routine around your putting practice. You first measure out five distances: 10′, 15′, 20′, 25′ and 30′. You then throw 10 discs at each distance, keeping track of number of makes with special attention to first and last throw. Extra points are awarded for first and last disc makes so focus up. As you progress in distance points progress in value. Perfect Putt 360 is a great tool to increase some repetition and normalize some distance putts into your game.


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