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The Best Tech in Disc Golf: Improve Your Game with TechDisc

In the ever-evolving world of disc golf, there’s a game-changing piece of technology that’s making waves and turning heads. If you’re passionate about enhancing your disc golf performance or coaching aspiring players, the TechDisc is a must-have addition to your toolkit. Let’s delve into what makes this innovative device a game-changer for disc golf enthusiasts.

What is TechDisc?

TechDisc is a groundbreaking device designed to revolutionize the way you approach disc golf. It’s much more than an accessory – it’s your gateway to unlocking the hidden potential of your throws. This cutting-edge technology provides real-time flight data, allowing you to gain immediate insights into various aspects of your disc’s flight.

Techdisc back of disc

sample dashboard of the techdisc app
TechDisc Dashboard Example

Real-Time Flight Data

The TechDisc takes your disc golf experience to the next level by providing real-time flight data through its dedicated app. With this invaluable tool, you can instantly access crucial metrics that can help you fine-tune your throws. Imagine having instant insights into your speed, nose angle, spin rate, wobble, hyzer angle, and launch degree. Whether you’re practicing in the field or honing your skills in the comfort of your home with a net, the TechDisc has got you covered.

Unlocking Your Potential

TechDisc doesn’t just provide data; it helps you make sense of it. By sorting and filtering your throws, you can uncover patterns and insights that were previously hidden. For instance, you can easily compare the average spin rates for your forehand and backhand shots with just a click. Say goodbye to wondering if that 70 MPH throw was a fluke or a consistent part of your game.

Capturing Throw Data

TechDisc effortlessly connects to your game, automatically uploading throw data. It measures three crucial forcesSpeed, Spin, and Wobble – and three anglesNose, Launch, and Hyzer. This comprehensive data collection ensures you have all the information you need to analyze and improve your throws.

Simulation for Precision

One of the standout features of TechDisc is the ability to simulate your throws. You can adjust the metrics of the throw or even tweak the flight numbers of the disc to see the expected flight path. This feature is a game-changer when it comes to selecting the perfect disc for your throw. It answers questions like, “Would 5 more MPH or 100 more RPMs make the most significant difference?”

Learning from the Pros

Disc golf professionals, including Brodie Smith, have recognized the potential of the TechDisc. In this video demonstration, Brodie Smith not only showcases the device but also imparts valuable coaching tips to amateur players practicing their throws into a net. Watching the TechDisc in action in Brodie’s video truly highlights the immense potential this tool has in transforming your disc golf game. You can check out the full video here:

Overthrow Disc Golf has also set up a Data Series using the TechDisc. It’s good stuff check it out:

High Demand, Limited Supply

The TechDisc has been met with enthusiastic demand, with preorders flying off the shelves faster than a well-executed drive. Priced at $299.99, this revolutionary device may require a bit of patience to get your hands on, given its popularity. However, rest assured that the wait will be well worth it for the transformative impact it can have on your disc golf journey.

In Review

On the TABLE page of the app, you can access a detailed overview of all your measured throws. With filtering options by throw type, date, and tags, you can pinpoint the exact data that matters most to you. The SIMULATOR function allows you to test out improvements before committing to field practice. Should you focus on a 5 MPH increase in speed or a 3-degree decrease in nose angle? The simulator lets you simulate various scenarios to make informed decisions about your training goals.

In conclusion, the TechDisc is a game-changing tool that has taken disc golf to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to elevate your game or a dedicated coach striving to help your students reach their potential, this innovative device is a game-changer. Embrace the power of real-time data, analysis, and simulation, and watch your disc golf skills soar to new heights with TechDisc. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the disc golf revolution – secure your TechDisc today!



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