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The Key to 400+ FT Drives (video)

I’ve been researching distance techniques for intermediate to advanced throws. I can throw pretty far on average 300-400ft pretty easily, but I’m looking for more consistency in the 350-450 range. How can I increase my disc golf distance at an advanced level? I think I’ve finally found the key!

Recently I spoke with a friend who’s been absolutely crushing drives as of late and I asked him what changed. He told me he learned from Calvin Heimburg after the OTB tournament that the key was in the hips. I took this in, but it still didn’t make much sense to me. I started scouring YouTube looking for tips, but most videos on distance tended to be for beginners taking the next step to get to 300ft. I needed more.

Fortunately, the algorithm kicked in and found a great video from a YouTube called Ben’s Big Drive. This is the best explanation I’ve seen so far in taking the leap from intermediate distance to advanced!

“Let the hips accelerate the disc.”

Bravo Ben! Check out Ben’s Big Drive channel and catch him on Instagram @bensbigdrive.


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