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VIDEO: Interview – Bill Beswick, Sports Psychologist

“What do you want? How badly do you want it? How much are you willing to suffer?”

This is an excellent watch with a ton of golden tidbits on Athletic Performance and the Mental Training involved with winning. Definitely worth a watch if you are training to compete and win!

Bill Beswick is a renowned sports psychologist, author, and former educator, recognized for his expertise in the field of sport psychology, with a particular emphasis on soccer.

The interview is presented by Mulligan Brothers Interviews.


Some of the themes they talk about:

  • What do you want
  • Taking it too far (well being/obsession)
  • Obsession vs Focus
  • Pay the price
    “Today I will train like a champion”
  • Race Day
  • What goes into creating an athlete
  • Most athletes are mental
  • Fighter or victim
  • Genetics and environment
  • Fear of failure
  • The automatic response
    “There’s a thousand excuses but not a single reason”
  • Dreams
    “You can’t just hope it will happen, you have to make it happen”



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